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If you've been worried in an auto accident and have got to file an coverage declare, this booklet will support you appreciate how the claims method works.
Within the unfortunate occasion that you are concerned in an auto accident involving damage or property injury, you're going to be required to file a declare along with your insurance enterprise.
The next understanding is designed to advisor you through the claims contract system.
This brochure isn't a authorized record and does no longer in anyway adjust or exchange your auto insurance policy. For more knowledge in your specific situation, converse to your insurance agent, dealer, or manufacturer representative.


Report the Accident to Your Broker

If you end up worried in an auto accident involving injury or property damage, you have got to file it to your insurance agent, dealer, or insurance corporation within seven days, regardless of who is at fault.

When you have no longer any company then you should contact to our partner auto accident claims to record the accident within seven days, record it as soon as viable after that. If you don’t report your accident within an inexpensive period of time, your insurance corporation would possibly not have got to honour your claim.